Antony Batty & Company, Supporting the Woodland Trust

Antony Batty & Company has funded the planting of 25 trees in the Woodland Trust’s Stoke Wood in Oxfordshire, to commemorate being in business for 25 years

In mid-May 2022, we celebrated our 25th anniversary as Licensed Insolvency Practitioners. As part of this occasion, we decided to run a programme of community and environment related support initiatives to demonstrate our commitment to helping out in the community.

Our most recent initiative has been to work with the Woodland Trust to fund and dedicate the planting of 25 trees in ‘grove 1’ in their wonderful Stoke Wood in Oxfordshire.

Insolvency Practitioners

Antony Batty, Insolvency Practitioner and our Managing Director comments

“Since we turned 25, we have embarked on a number of initiatives, including supporting the Christchurch Foodbank+ in Dorset with a delivery of food parcels and sponsoring a sleep out in London’s Guildhall Yard as part of the Lord Mayor’s Appeal to raise funds to support the homeless.

We also wanted to do something for the environment, and what better way than to help the Woodland Trust to plant trees? They were a pleasure to work with and we wish them continued success with their aim to “…want a world where woods and trees thrive for people and nature.

Why The Woodland Trust?

As The Woodland Trust says: “Woodland and Trees are essential.” Since they started in 1972, they have planted 55 million trees and revived 85,000 hectares of ancient woodland, and saved 1,172 woods in the last decade. Those are impressive figures, especially now when the environment and all things climate related are so important.

If you like the look of the work the Woodland Trust do and would like to support them with a donation, simply click on this link: Every penny you give counts for woods and trees.

Antony Batty and Company is here to help Businesses facing Financial Difficulty

Right now, many thousands of businesses and individuals are facing significant financial hardships as a result of the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit-related supply chain problems and the inflation the country is experiencing, especially in gas and electricity prices.

The work that charities like the Woodland Trust does to make our environment better is a great example of how we can all help each other to make things a little better.

At Antony Batty & Company, our role is to help businesses that are in financial trouble. It might be that we can help turn a struggling business around through a Company Voluntary Arrangement or an Administration. If a Liquidation is required, we will ensure it is as orderly and painless as possible.

If your business is struggling, the sooner you contact our Insolvency Practitioners, at any of our offices, the more we can do to help. As always, the initial consultation is free.

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