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Our Brentwood office opened its doors in October 2009, and our Insolvency Practitioners (Ips) offer insolvency, recovery and turnaround advice and services to businesses and individuals in Brentwood, Essex and beyond. We have:

When is a business insolvent?

Businesses (and individuals) fall into insolvency all the time and for many different reasons. At its simplest, insolvency means that a business (or individual) does not have sufficient assets to cover its debts and cannot pay its debts when they become due, often due to cash-flow problems.

When a company encounters financial problems and becomes insolvent, our first aim is to see if we can turn things around, informally by recommending debt solutions, or the use of turnaround procedures such as administrations or company voluntary arrangements. However, if there is no other alternative, then a formal insolvency process – a creditors’ voluntary liquidation – will be used to liquidate the company.

Insolvency is always a stressful time for company directors (and employees) involved, especially when it comes to recognising that there is a problem that needs addressing. Our experience is that the sooner insolvency practitioners are contacted and instructed the better. This is because there are usually more options available if advice is sought earlier.

What do insolvency practitioners do?

When there is simply no alternative, then Liquidation is the most frequently used insolvency procedure, usually a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL). With this procedure, a firm of Insolvency Practitioners is appointed to be the Liquidator with the goal being to close the insolvent company down whilst realising the greatest possible value for the creditors of the company.

However, our initial objective is always to try to rescue and preserve a company in some shape or form so that it can continue to trade, preserving jobs in the process. For this, insolvency procedures including Company Voluntary Arrangements and Company Administrations and are used to create time for businesses to restructure and recover. Research by R3 the professional body of the UK restructuring and insolvency community shows that in over 40% of cases businesses survive when an insolvency practitioner is appointed.

If you are concerned that your business is in financial distress and is facing insolvency or is already insolvent, please contact our team of insolvency practitioners and managers in Brentwood for a FREE initial consultation. We can help.

How we work

The ethos of the Brentwood office is that we are a boutique insolvency and business turnaround practice offering the same level of service which clients would expect from a larger competitor.

We have good relationships with lenders but are not on any panels and nor do we seek to be. For this reason, we are truly independent, which means that a work referrer, usually an accountant or a solicitor, can be fully assured that we will always act in the best interests of their clients, subject to our regulatory and ethical constraints.

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Insolvency Practitioners

Our Key Team Members

Steve Marshall

Steve Marshall has worked in Insolvency for over 30 years and joined Antony Batty and company in early 2019. He heads up our Brentwood office and is a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner..

He enjoys his football, and is a Spurs fan.

Steve can be emailed direct on:

Melanie Bishop

Melanie Bishop is a Qualified Insolvency Practitioner and has worked at the firm for a number of years.

She brings a wealth of experience in Insolvency to the Firm.

By having a locally based appointment taking Insolvency Practitioner, the office has been able to offer an extremely streamlined service; Melanie is responsible for clients from the initial consultation to any formal appointment.

Bill Bufton

Bill Bufton brings over 35 years of Insolvency experience to cases and works alongside Steve and Melanie.

How we Fit into the Antony Batty & Company Family

ABc was formed in 1997, and now has 8 offices. It is a well established firm of insolvency practitioners offering the full range of restructuring and insolvency services to a nationwide client base.

We have a long and continuing history, as an independent Insolvency practice, of providing impartial, expert and fair advice to our clients.

Our formula of offering “Big Four” service levels at sensible prices, with the personalised approach of a smaller firm to customer care, has proven a significant factor in attracting new business and company growth. This led to the decision to open the Brentwood office servicing Essex and the surrounding region.

Our Brentwood, Essex Office is located in:

Swan House
9 Queens Road
CM14 4HE

T: 01277 554002
F: + (0)1277 215053

Our experienced team of Insolvency Practitioners and Insolvency Case Officers deals in all insolvency matters. Click here to see our testimonials. If you, or a client, are facing insolvency, are based east of Greater London, and need help and advice quickly, please contact us. The first discussion is FREE of charge.

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If you or your business is facing insolvency, the sooner you contact us, the more we can help.

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