Working to help business recover from Covid-19

Your team - working to help business recover from Covid-19

For when it isn’t business as usual

Your team - for when it isn’t business as usual

For corporate and individual insolvency advice and solutions

Your team - for corporate and individual advice & solutions

Experienced Licensed Insolvency Practitioners

Working to help businesses recover from Covid-19. Free Initial Consultation

We are an experienced and friendly team of insolvency practitioners and turnaround & recovery specialists, offering businesses and individuals logical, expert guidance when they need it. Since we started in 1997, our mission has always remained the same:

“We operate with professionalism, integrity, fairness, clarity and courtesy.  We are always mindful of the difficulties and losses that businesses and individuals might be experiencing and aim to achieve the best outcome for all stakeholders.”

This is especially the case right now, with many thousands of businesses suffering due to the difficulties caused by Covid-19. Click here to see some of our testimonials.

Looking to close your Solvent Company?

Save Tax and take advantage of Business Asset Disposal Relief via a Members Voluntary Liquidation

FREE Initial Consultation

We work with businesses, charities and individuals to help find practical, common sense solutions to financial difficulties. 

Our experienced team of 10 Licensed Insolvency Practitioners and support staff, across 9 offices, has advised and supported over 2,500 clients for ‘when it isn’t business as usual’. We can help to preserve as much of your business as possible, turn your business fortunes around, or when your business is solvent close it down in a tax efficient manner.

With offices in Central London, Brentwood, Croydon, Salisbury, Bournemouth, South West & Wales, Thames Valley (Abingdon and Reading) and The Cotswolds we are here to help.

Here are just some of the products and services we have to assist you with and find the best possible solution for you: Members Voluntary Liquidations, Company Voluntary Arrangements, Company AdministrationsPre Pack Administrations, Creditors Voluntary LiquidationsIndividual Voluntary Arrangements and Bankruptcy. We also advise on Employee Benefit Trusts / APNs.

Early action is the key to avoiding or surviving financial difficulties.

Why choose us? Some Testimonials

“During what looked to me to be a challenging Members Voluntary Liquidation process they did all the heavy lifting, kept things simple and involved me as much or as little as required. They were a pleasure to work with.”

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Members Voluntary Liquidation

“…….I am particularly pleased to have this opportunity of thanking Sunney and the team at Antony Batty & Co for the fast and efficient liquidation of my company which has been a big relief.”

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Join In Trust Limited – Members Voluntary Liquidation Testimonial

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Testimonial for a Restoration of a Limited Company

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Click here to see some of our testimonials and case studies.

Insolvency Solutions and Advice for Business Turnaround and Recovery

Businesses face insolvency (and ultimately failure) for many, often interlinked, reasons. These include cash flow problems, HMRC arrears, difficulties raising finance and other external factors beyond their control. We specialise in delivering all types of insolvency solutions and advice, including business recovery and restructuring advice, to companies that are facing insolvency. We work to find the right solution to your insolvency problems.

Corporate Insolvency Solutions

Personal Insolvency Solutions

If You or Your Business is Facing Insolvency, the Sooner You Take Action the Better

Whatever the reason for an insolvent situation, it is highly stressful and therefore the sooner you take action, the better. There are two broad outcomes to the specialist help and advice we provide.

  1. Business Recovery and Turnaround. If there is a core business that is profitable or has the potential to be profitable, then we will work with you to help you make the right decisions to turn your company around. As a result, this may, or may not, involve a formal insolvency procedure.
  2. Closing Down and Winding Up. If, however, the business is failing and there is no way to rescue it and turn it around, then the only solution is to implement as orderly a cessation of trade to stop the hole getting any deeper.

Contact our Licensed Insolvency Practitioners if Your Business is Facing Insolvency

If you or your business is facing insolvency, contact us or call us on any of our office numbers below for an initial FREE chat about the way forward:

Also K&W Recovery, trading as Antony Batty and Company, Thames Valley:

If you decide to retain our services, we will listen to your problems and work closely with you. We will use our skills, experience and expertise to tailor an insolvency solutions plan that is right for you and your business.

The insolvency licence holders of this practice are licensed as insolvency practitioners in the UK. The license is from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.