Antony Batty & Company Employee Focus: Bill Bufton

Bill is a Consultant and is based at our Brentwood Office

Here we are shining the spotlight on Bill Bufton, who is based at our Brentwood office, and is a consultant.

We asked Bill to answer some questions, including what got him into the Insolvency profession, what he particularly enjoys about Insolvency, and of course we also asked him what he enjoys in his spare time away from Insolvency.

  1. What do you enjoy about insolvency? What got you into the profession?

“On leaving school I joined British European Airways, which subsequently merged with BOAC to become British Airways, as an apprentice aircraft engineer at their Heathrow training centre. However, despite the bright lights of London, I did not believe that being an apprentice was for me, so I moved back to Scotland and became a Civil Servant.

Eventually I transferred to the Lake District to work within the nuclear industry at Sellafield as an Assistant Scientific Officer but, in 1976, I decided to return to London, for personal reasons.

In early 1977, a chance encounter in London led to my joining a firm of insolvency practitioners as a junior case administrator. Since then, I have worked for a number of firms, both large and small, before joining Antony Batty & Company’s Brentwood office in October 2014 as a consultant.”

  1. Past career/firm experience and interesting cases you dealt with

“I have been a full member of the Insolvency Practitioners Association for over 20 years but, despite this, do not have a licence to take insolvency appointments.

Over the years I have dealt with the full range of insolvency assignments. Each one is different, so recalling ones that stand out is difficult.

One case which springs to mind, however, is where I successfully recovered over £750,000 from the directors of an insolvent company and as a result HM Revenue & Customs, as the largest creditor, will shortly receive a dividend of approximately 54.5% on their total claim of over £1.13 million.”

  1. Interesting facts about yourself, hobbies, interests

“Anyone who knows me is aware that my favourite hobby is travel. I like to get away as often as possible although I do have my favourite places that I like to return to. Photography is also another keen hobby of mine which combines nicely with the travel and my other passion of Scuba Diving.

I am a PADI Master Scuba Diver which is the highest amateur qualification that PADI awards. To date I have completed about 90+ dives in various places around the world and I hope to keep going for a few more years yet!”

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