Independent Loan Charge Review

Posted 24th September 2019 by Craig in

Loan Charge

Independent Loan Charge Review

Our London office insolvency practitioners look at the Chancellor’s announcement of an independent review of the Loan Charge.

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The Loan Charge is Causing Huge Mental Stress

Posted 9th April 2019 by Craig in

Stressed Businessman Receiving Loan Charge Demand

What’s Happening with the Loan Charge? Huge Amounts of Stress and Also Reports of Suicides

We have read reports in the national press about the Loan Charge causing huge mental stress with the shocking news that several suicides have happened.

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The Loan Charge and Employee Benefit Trusts

Posted 20th February 2019 by Craig in

Tax avoidance Loan Charge

5th April 2019 is Deadline Day for the Loan Charge, BUT Why are people not settling?

For those individuals and companies with Employee Benefit Trusts and other similar schemes, 5th April is deadline day. Thousands have not settled with HMRC? Why is this? We look at some of the possible reasons.

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