HMRC Aggressively Chasing Payment of APNs

Posted 21st November 2018 by Craig in

Accelerated Payment Notices

HMRC Aggressively Chasing Payment of Accelerated Payment Notices

HMRC is Knocking on Doors for Payment of Accelerated Payment Notices. They can then start enforcement proceedings. Insolvency could be the outcome. Talk to us for help & advice


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Facing a Tax Demand Because of an Employee Benefit Trust? Insolvency Practitioners can Help

Posted 23rd January 2018 by Craig in

Employee Benefit Trusts

HMRC is Aggressively Collecting Tax on Companies with Employee Benefit Trusts. Act Now!

HMRC appears to be winning the battle over EBTs and APNs, which could see a spike in insolvencies as some companies might not be able to pay the tax owed. We can help.

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