UK Company Administrations Remain Steady

Company Administrations Average About 1,600 per annum. More Emphasis Now Placed on Company Rescue.

This article is from Sarah Wege, a Senior Case Administrator here at Antony Batty & Company. Sarah focuses on our corporate clients and all aspects of work for CVLs, MVLs and Company Administrations, the topic of this article. Specifically, Sarah looks at the Insolvency Service’s statistics, which show that there are c.1,600 company administrations in the UK each year. She goes on to point out that as much emphasis as possible with administrations is placed on company rescue, and gives some examples of our work in this area that demonstrate this point.

When was the Administration Procedure Introduced?

Company Administrations were introduced in the Insolvency Act 1986. The Enterprise Act 2002 significantly enhanced Administrations, placing greater emphasis on company rescue.  According to the Insolvency Service, the number of Administrations has remained steady over the past 5 years, averaging about 1,600 per annum and representing 10% of new company insolvencies. Administrations are an important part of the insolvency regime in the UK.

What is the objective of Administration? And the Benefits?

‘The administrator’, a licensed insolvency practitioner, is appointed to manage a company’s affairs, business and property for the benefit of the creditors, when it is insolvent. The objective of a company administration is to rescue it as a going concern, or if this is not possible then to obtain a better result for creditors than would otherwise be likely if the company were to be wound up.

For directors and companies under creditor pressure, an Administration provides a breathing space where:

Some of the Company Administrations we have Worked on Recently

At Antony Batty and Company, we have experience of Administrations across a wide range of industry sectors, many of which have resulted in a much better outcome than liquidation. In the last 6 months, we have been able to:

In addition, our recent appointments have included companies specialising in commercial building construction, plumbing and heating and water treatment, adding to our expertise in the construction industry.

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