Successful Company Voluntary Arrangements

Four Testimonials for the Company Voluntary Arrangement

The purpose of a Company Voluntary Arrangement is to allow a business to continue to trade, even though it is insolvent. Crucially, it is used if it is considered that the company has already or is likely to return to profitability in the near future and the debts can be paid off over an extended period of time. Successful CVAs, therefore, avoid the need for liquidation, meaning the outcome is better for all parties involved.

This article looks at testimonials from 4 recent successful Company Voluntary Agreements that we supervised for our clients.

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“Antony Batty & Company’s expertise putting our CVA together was invaluable, as is their continued support and advice. The CVA has helped return our business to profit, which will benefit our creditors and other stakeholders.”

Stephen Hathaway

“Antony Batty & Company’s expertise putting our Company Voluntary Arrangement together was invaluable, as is their continued support and advice. The CVA was undertaken quickly and they helped both us and our creditors understand the process and the legal aspects. This arrangement in the medium term will benefit creditors and other stakeholders including the company’s staff who have retained their jobs.”

Martin Roche
Managing Director
Advanced Water & Waste Limited

“By using a CVA, Antony Batty & Co helped to take the financial pressure off our business, providing us with the time and support to get our business back on track. Our suppliers and other creditors were kept well informed throughout the process and appreciate that they have got more money back than if we had put the business into Administration. Since completing the CVA, our business has gone from strength to strength, out-performing the economic downturn and our industry competitors.”

Declan Ryan (Director of Ryan Leisure Ltd)

“Managing a small and growing company through a cash crisis is very stressful. Antony Batty & Company’s calm expertise and advice in putting our CVA together was crucial to our recovery, as is their continue support. The CVA has helped return our business to profit and stability, which benefits everyone involved.”

Simon Harrison (Simon Harrison Ltd)

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These testimonials show how well a company voluntary arrangement can work for an insolvent company. Contact us or call us on 0208 088 0633 for help and advice on whether a CVA is the right thing for you if your company is facing insolvency.

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