Successful Company Voluntary Arrangement for The Entrepreneurs Circle Limited

Birmingham Based Business Returned to Profitability, Saving 40 Jobs

In November 2019, The Entrepreneurs Circle successfully came out of its 5-year Company Voluntary Arrangement, administered by our London Team, headed up by Antony Batty and John Baalham.

In this testimonial, Nigel Botterill tells the story of how the CVA allowed him to keep control of his business, restructure, keep the creditors happy, and return the business to profitable trading.

The Entrepreneurs Circle Ran into Trouble in 2015

 “Four years ago, if it wasn’t for Antony Batty and his team, I would have lost my business and over 40 staff would have lost their jobs. 

We hit a major financial problem with half a million pounds of missing money, and I couldn’t see a way out. But Antony explained a Company Voluntary Arrangement to me and suddenly there was a light at the end of the tunnel.”

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Generally, we recommend a CVA when a company with a seemingly healthy business finds itself with cash flow problems and creditor pressure due to a one-off event and is facing insolvency as a result. The cause of the problem could be the insolvency of a major customer, a contract going badly wrong, or significant rent increases by landlords, for example.

Under such/similar circumstances, a Company Voluntary Arrangement is often used to buy time to restructure the company and return it to financial health. Crucially, we always look for evidence that the company has the potential to return to profitability. The Entrepreneurs Circle fell into this category.

In November 2019 the Notice of Completion was Issued

“Four years on, we’ve emerged from our CVA with everything intact. Our reputation is enhanced, I’ve kept control of the business, our creditors are all happy and we’re growing rapidly. None of this would have happened without Antony Batty’s help, and the CVA has been absolutely brilliant for us. I’m so glad we did it.

John Baalham who looked after us through it all was amazing. He was so proactive and persistent. He found solutions that we would never have pursued, and I will always be forever in his debt.

I can’t recommend these guys enough. They did everything they said they would – and then more. I’m so pleased I found them in my hour of need.”

Nigel Botterill
The Entrepreneurs Circle Ltd

We Have Run Over 170 Successful Company Voluntary Arrangements

Our team of Insolvency Practitioners, in London, Essex, Salisbury and the Cotswolds have used Company Voluntary Arrangements to help over 170 companies that have encountered short-term difficulties. In c.70% of cases the CVA allowed them to undertake debt restructuring and reorganisation plans, return to profitability and trade successfully. Click here to see some testimonials and case studies.

If your company is encountering serious financial difficulties, please talk to our licensed insolvency practitioners for an initial discussion. If we believe that insolvency and liquidation can be avoided, we will work with you to help turn your business around: a Company Voluntary Arrangement is one of the options available. Contact us or call us on at any of the offices below:

Also K&W Recovery, trading as Antony Batty and Company, Thames Valley:

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