Another Successful Members’ Voluntary Liquidation

“An excellent experience” working with the team at Antony Batty and Company, London

On 9th March 2020, Stephen Evans, one of the Insolvency Practitioners at Antony Batty and Company was appointed as the liquidator of Masako Limited, supported by Senior Administrator Sunney Sagoo. This was a solvent liquidation, using the Members’ Voluntary Liquidation process. It proved to be a well-executed and organised  liquidation, with the winding up being completed less than 6 months later, on 2nd September 2020. The liquidation delivered a cash distribution to the director.

This is what our client had to say

“I worked with Stephen Evans and Sunney Sagoo at Antony Batty and Company’s London office to liquidate my Limited company and had an excellent experience. Sunney was very efficient and responsive and made what I believed would be a rather cumbersome process very straightforward and easy. I would very highly recommend Stephen, Sunney and the team at Antony Batty and Company!”

Dave Wong, Director

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 The Details of This Members’ Voluntary Liquidation

Masako Limited traded as a consultancy company and was based in London. The reason why the director decided on a solvent liquidation was because he had moved to the USA on a permanent basis and felt that his company had reached the end of its useful life. He wanted to liquidate the company as quickly and efficiently as possible and realise the maximum cash distribution.

Customer service is always paramount, of course, and in this case not only was our client concerned that the process might prove to be cumbersome, but he was also concerned that his being overseas might slow things down.

We ensured that our client was always kept informed of the process  and the progress being made. As a result, we were able to make sure that the client always felt at ease, hence the positive testimonial he gave us.

There were two cash distributions, the first after only a week following our appointment on 10th March and the second on 20th August, just before the winding-up was completed and the Final Account was delivered to the members on 2nd September. The client also qualified for Entrepreneurs’ Relief.

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