Testimonial for an Insolvency Practitioner by an Insolvency Lawyer

Posted 24th July 2017 by Craig in

Insolvency Practitioner

Testimonial for our Work from an Insolvency Lawyer

As with all businesses, the testimonials we receive for our work as an Insolvency Practitioner mean a lot to us, because they recognise the quality of our work. This testimonial is from Insolvency Lawyer Iain MacDonald, whom we have worked with for 15 years.

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Charities and Insolvency

Posted 16th June 2017 by Craig in

Charities and Insolvency

Case Studies for Charities and Insolvency.

We’ve acted many times for charities in insolvency. Here are a few case studies.

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Case Studies for Travel Industry Insolvencies

Posted 6th June 2017 by Matt in

Licensed Insolvency Practitioners

2 Case Studies for Travel Industry Insolvencies Where Antony Batty & Co was Appointed

Travel industry insolvencies require specialised knowledge and a rapid response. Our understanding of the industry enables us to fully appreciate the key insolvency issues that are travel specific.

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