Restructuring London Company using Members Voluntary Liquidations

Working Collaboratively with Accountants, as Liquidator, on Members Voluntary Liquidations

As Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, we are often invited by accountants to work as part of a team on complex projects, supplying the insolvency expertise, including members voluntary liquidations. This case study looks at one such project, where one of our Insolvency Practitioners, Stephen Evans, was appointed the Liquidator on a major restructuring project involving a solvent liquidation, following a recommendation by a London based firm of accountants.

This case study focuses on our role within this solvent liquidation, which resulted in a very happy client.

Background to this Solvent Liquidation Case

A quick summary sets the scene.

A Demerger Under Section 110 of the Insolvency Act, 1986 was Recommended

The demerger allowed the Strutt family to retain Arcachon and JE Strutt, whilst the Nelsons took Grantock. The companies were solvent, so this was effectively a members voluntary liquidation which is where we came in as the liquidator, following a recommendation from the accountant.

We have worked with this particular accountant on many insolvency projects over the years, including other Section 110 solvent liquidations. Section 110 of the Insolvency Act 1986 allows the liquidator in a members’ voluntary liquidation to transfer a company’s assets to another company or companies in exchange for shares in the transferee company. This provision is commonly used to demerge or partition solvent businesses in a tax efficient manner.

Whilst the accountant worked on designing and implementing the overall demerger mechanism and provided specific advice to minimise stamp duty and stamp duty land tax, our role as liquidator comprised:

The Client and the Referring Accountant were Happy with the Outcome

John Strutt, director of JE Strutt pointed out that the accountant’s design of the demerger, deep understanding of tax legislation and smooth management of the overall process to a successful conclusion, allowed them to get on with running their company without interruption.

At the same time, the accountant commented on our work:

“We have worked with Antony Batty & Company on many projects, in particular with Stephen Evans as Liquidator. This was a complex restructuring of a family business, and we had no hesitation in recommending Stephen as Liquidator for his experience and detailed knowledge of S110 solvent liquidations, which helped deliver a successful outcome for the client.”

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We are grateful for the recommendation from the accountant, and delighted to have played our part in this case. Click here for some of our other MVL testimonials.

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