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15th April 2022: Do you know what HMRC’s preferential creditor status means to a Director facing Insolvency?

In this e-newsletter, we feature:

  • Why could making preference payments to creditors be an issue if insolvency looms?

15th March 2022: Bounce Back Loans. Lifeline or Potential Headache

In this e-newsletter, we feature:

  • Many businesses are finding difficulties repaying. What can they do? How can Insolvency Practitioners help?

14th February 2022: Think before you – or a client – signs a Personal Guarantee

In this e-newsletter, we feature:

  • Personal Guarantees for Commercial Leases (or any type of loan) can lead to serious consequences for the Guarantor. What are the issues and how can Insolvency Practitioners help?

7th January 2022: Directors of Dissolved Companies can now be investigated by the Insolvency Service

In this e-newsletter, we feature:

  • Following the granting of Royal Assent to the Rating (Coronavirus) and Directors Disqualification (Dissolved Companies) Bill on 15th December 2021, on 15th February 2022 specific provisions come into force which will allow the Insolvency Service to investigate the conduct of a Director of a Company that has been dissolved without first being subject to insolvency proceedings.

7th December 2021: Insolvency, Liquidation and Redundancy Claims

In this e-newsletter, we feature:

  • Insolvency, Liquidation and Redundancy Claims. A testimonial from a relieved client whom we went the extra mile for with his redundancy claim: “Sunney Sagoo from Antony Batty took me through the process of application for my redundancy claim, and after firstly receiving rejection he argued the case on my behalf which resulted in acceptance of both my notice pay and redundancy pay.”

4th November 2021: Personal Guarantees, Insolvency and Personal LiabilityLoan?

In this e-newsletter, we feature:

  • Personal Guarantees, Insolvency and Personal Liability. In recent months we have seen an increase in Directors asking what their exposure is to claims under Personal Guarantees, and how they should respond to such claims.
  • The Key Autumn 2021 Budget Announcements for Businesses. Business Asset Disposal Relief was untouched and Business Rates were discounted for the sectors hardest hit by Covid-19.

7th October 2021: Worried that you or a Client cannot pay back a Bounce Back Loan?

In this e-newsletter, we feature:

  • Bounce Back Loan repayments started in May 2021. How can a Company with an outstanding Bounce Back Loan be closed?. The correct procedure to use to close a company with an outstanding Bounce Back Loan is a Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation.
  • Looking to close a Solvent Company with an MVL?. Should you, or a Client, act before the Autumn Budget on 27th October 2021?

8th September 2021: 10 tips to help with debt recovery

In this e-newsletter, we feature:

  • 10 tips to help with debt recovery. Late payments can severely disrupt a business’s operations, and can even lead to insolvency. An effective debt recovery policy is a must.
  • Walking to raise funds for MIND. Our Teams are walking virtually from Lands End to John O’Groats to raise awareness for Mental Health.

4th August 2021: The Key Signs of Financial Distress

In this e-newsletter, we feature:

  • The Key Signs of Financial Distress.  We always say taking early action is vital, but directors must know what to look for.
  • #Be Kind. How Antony Batty & Co are working to help businesses, and people, to recover from Covid-19.

8th July 2021: Directors need to be Vigilant! Understanding a Directors Loan Account and their Liabilities

In this e-newsletter, we feature:

  • Overdrawn Directors Loan Accounts and Illegal Dividends. If a company is liquidated it can lead to Liquidators’ Claims and even Director Disqualification
  • Restrictions on statutory demands and winding up petitions now extended to the end of September 2021.

8th June 2021: New Powers to Investigate Directors

In this e-newsletter, we feature:

  • Insolvency Service gets new retrospective powers to investigate directors of dissolved companies and combat Bounce Back Loan Fraud.
  • The reason for the new legislation is that directors were able to take advantage of a loophole to dissolve companies which were still able to pay their debts as a means of avoiding repaying BBLs. The new legislation seeks to close that loophole.

6th May 2021: Bounce Back Loans – First Repayments Now Due

In this e-newsletter, we feature:

  • Will directors of businesses that cannot repay BBLs, automatically face personal liability and director disqualification investigations?
  • Plus – Businesses Beware! Uncovering the new Recovery Loan – A commercial look at the scheme.

8th April 2021: Further Suspension of Wrongful Trading Provisions to 30th June 2021

In this e-newsletter, we feature:

  • Further Suspension of Wrongful Trading Provisions to 30th June 2021 and what It means for businesses
  • The launch of our Pan Asian Desk – a service offered to businesses nationwide, which fills a perceived gap in the market amongst smaller boutique Insolvency Practitioners.
  • Is Furlough now just ‘Kicking the Can Down the Road’ and allowing Unviable Jobs to Survive Short Term?

8th March 2021: Good news for Solvent Businesses, but are those affected ready for  IR35?

In this e-newsletter, we feature:

  • The Budget 2021 was about business recovery from Covid-19, and not about payback….yet!
  • There was also good news for solvent businesses who are thinking of closing down with no change to Business Asset Disposal Relief. However, the IR35 reform looks set to come into effect in April.

2nd February 2021: Business Asset Disposal Relief

In this e-newsletter, we feature:

  • Will the Chancellor be looking at Business Asset Disposal Relief on 3rd March?

7th January 2021: 4 Sins to Avoid at Insolvency

In this e-newsletter, we feature:

  • 4 Sins to Avoid: Directors’ Responsibilities at Insolvency
  • Why Choose to Work with Antony Batty & Company?

9th December 2020: Happy Christmas from Antony Batty, Salisbury

In this e-newsletter, we:

  • Wish everyone a happy Christmas and a successful 2021
  • Feature our Christmas opening hours