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Client Testimonials

This client, facing bankruptcy and losing his house said: "We had a meeting at ABc's London office. Within days my Individual Voluntary Arrangement was issued and approved a few weeks later. To say ‘thank you very much’ is an understatement. I will recommend anyone with a bankruptcy challenge to give Steve Illes at Antony Batty & Co. a call with setting up an IVA.”

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"I referred a members voluntary liquidation to Antony Batty and Company recently and I was very impressed by the speedy, friendly and expert work provided. Following this immensely positive experience I have referred other clients to them and always pick up the phone to seek their views without hesitation."

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Steve Illes Partner at Insolvency Practitioners Antony Batty

Posted 18th April 2019 by Craig in

Insolvency Practitioners

Find Out More About Steve Illes, Partner at Antony Batty & Company

We asked Steve Illes to tell us a bit more about himself. Well, he supports Brighton & Hove Albion and he thinks people are the most important thing in Insolvency.

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The Loan Charge is Causing Huge Mental Stress

Posted 9th April 2019 by Craig in

Loan Charge

What’s Happening with the Loan Charge? Huge Amounts of Stress and Also Reports of Suicides

We have read reports in the national press about the Loan Charge causing huge mental stress with the shocking news that several suicides have happened.

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Employee Benefit Trusts. Can’t Pay the Loan Charge?

Posted 21st March 2019 by Craig in

Employee Benefit Trust

Employee Benefit Trusts. Can’t Pay the Loan Charge?

If you haven’t settled the tax owed on your employee benefit trust and can’t afford to pay the Loan Charge, talk to our Insolvency Practitioners for help.

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The Loan Charge and Employee Benefit Trusts

Posted 20th February 2019 by Craig in

Loan Charge

5th April 2019 is Deadline Day for the Loan Charge, BUT Why are people not settling?

For those individuals and companies with Employee Benefit Trusts and other similar schemes, 5th April is deadline day. Thousands have not settled with HMRC? Why is this? We look at some of the possible reasons.

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