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Company Voluntary Arrangements and AIM Listed Companies

Posted 15th February 2018 by Craig in

Company Voluntary Arrangements

Using Company Voluntary Arrangements to Restructure Insolvent AIM Listed Companies

Antony Batty and Company has pioneered the use of Company Voluntary Arrangements to reorganise and restructure AIM listed companies that have entered insolvency, enabling them to relist, delivering value for creditors and shareholders.

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Our Insolvency Practitioners Review of 2017

Posted 25th January 2018 by Craig in

Insolvency Practitioners

2017 was a Busy Year for the Licensed Insolvency Practitioners at Antony Batty & Company

We were appointed to handle 101 insolvency procedures, we recruited 4 new staff, made 3 promotions and we turned 20. Plus we ranked 16th in the Insolytics League Table for Insolvency Practitioners.

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Facing a Tax Demand Because of an Employee Benefit Trust? Insolvency Practitioners can Help

Posted 23rd January 2018 by Craig in

Insolvency Practitioners

HMRC is Aggressively Collecting Tax on Companies with Employee Benefit Trusts. Act Now!

HMRC appears to be winning the battle over EBTs and APNs, which could see a spike in insolvencies as some companies might not be able to pay the tax owed. We can help.

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Carillion and Small Businesses in Distress

Posted 18th January 2018 by Craig in

Insolvency Practitioners

The Collapse of Carillion and the Fate of Small Businesses. Act Now if in distress

Our insolvency practitioners look at why financial distress can happen so quickly under such circumstances, and why swift and positive action is needed.

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