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Restructuring London Company using Members Voluntary Liquidations

Posted 20th April 2018 by Craig in

Members Voluntary Liquidations

Restructuring London Company using a Members Voluntary Liquidation

This news story features a testimonial from a happy client for one of our Members Voluntary Liquidations in London. This case was for a complex demerger restructuring under section 110 of the Insolvency Act, where we acted as Liquidator.

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Hot Pasties, VAT and Pre Pack Administration by our London Team

Posted 23rd March 2018 by Craig in

Pre pack administration London

Hot Pasties, VAT and Pre Pack Administration

When is hot food hot or not? Is VAT Payable on hot pasties? In this case, it was and led to a pre pack administration proposal.

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Company Voluntary Arrangements and Insolvent Restaurants

Posted 7th March 2018 by Craig in

Company Voluntary Arrangements

Company Voluntary Arrangements and Insolvent Restaurants

Still or Sparkling? What’s Going on in the Mid-Market Restaurant Scene and Where did it all go Wrong? Tom Gardiner looks at the perfect storm hitting many restaurant chains.

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Retail Administrations in 2018

Posted 28th February 2018 by Craig in


Retail Administrations and Toys R Us. Was it Inevitable?

Retail Administrations are on the rise in 2018 as the Toys R Us case shows. Was their administration inevitable? Is it high street meltdown?

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