Individual Voluntary Arrangements – The Process Simplified

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is an insolvency process which is a formal and legally-binding agreement between an individual and his/her creditors to pay back their debts over a stipulated period of time. Individual Voluntary Arrangements have to be set up by an insolvency practitioner, such as Antony Batty & CompanyOur teams at our offices in London, Brentwood, Salisbury and the Cotswolds are highly experienced in supervising IVAs.

Each IVA is different, but the basic steps are the same, as this infographic demonstrates.

Meeting an Insolvency Practitioner to discuss an Individual Voluntary Arrangement

At Antony Batty, the first initial meeting to discuss your situation is free. It can be over the ‘phone or at one of our offices, at a time that suits you. We’ll listen to your situation and then talk you through the IVA process, step by step, and will also discuss the costs that are involved. The main purpose of this meeting is to check that an Individual Voluntary Arrangement is right for you – there might be other options – and that you feel comfortable working with our team.

Is an IVA Right for You?

An IVA might be be right for you if you:

Key Benefits of Individual Voluntary Arrangements

The main benefits of an IVA are:

If you are struggling with debt and feel that an Individual Voluntary Arrangement might be right for you, pleasse contact us or call us on any of the numbers below and arrange a time for a free initial discussion. The sooner you get in touch the quicker we can help.

Also K&W Recovery, trading as Antony Batty and Company, Thames Valley:

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