Hot Pasties, VAT and Pre Pack Administration by our London Team

VAT Owed on Hot Pasties – Pre Pack Administration Proposed for Bakery Chain

Is VAT Payable on hot pasties? When is hot food hot or not? These are key questions/issues that our insolvency practitioners often see takeaway food outlets fall foul of. Insolvency can often be the result, with a pre pack administration proposed by our London team in this case. It is a crucial question because the answer determines whether HMRC considers the food item is VATable or not. Getting it wrong, even accidentally, is a miscalculation that can lead to significant trouble – and it happens ferequently – as this case study demonstrates.

The Details of this VAT-lead Insolvency

This case involves a bakery chain with 50 high street shops and a turnover of c.£4million. In common with many high street retailers, especially in the restaurant and takeaway food sector, the company had been struggling as a result of increasing rent and business rates. However the big issue that resulted in our insolvency practitioners being called in concerned VAT.

Specifically, the chain hadn’t correctly recognised that VAT was payable at point of sale on certain of its products: hot pasties. The reason for this miscalculation lies in the correct interpretation of what constitutes hot food. In this instance, hot pasties are not subject to VAT if served hot direct from baking. However, if the pasties (or other takeaway food) are either kept hot or warmed again for sale, then that is when they become VATable @ 20%.

This distinction has long been seen as a grey area, and one that caused a major outcry when the Government attempted to introduce the so called pasty tax in 2012.

In this case, along with its PAYE, the business’s miscalculation on the mistreatment of VAT led it to believe that it was in a net reclaim position on VAT. In reality, the miscalculation meant that the business owed HMRC a significant sum of VAT: a sum that it couldn’t pay, leading to insolvency.

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As Proposed joint Administrators, a Pre Pack Administration is Likely to be the Insolvency Procedure Used.

Two of our licensed insolvency practitioners, London based Antony Batty and Essex based Tom Gardiner have been proposed as joint administrators for the business.

A pre-pack administration looks to be the answer, with the potential to save hundreds of jobs and provide the best possible outcome for the creditors, given the current situation. So why is a pre-pack likely to be the insolvency procedure of choice in this case?

What is the Difference Between a Pre-Pack Administration and an Administration?

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