Antony Batty Insolvency Practitioners – 21st in top 100 Insolvency Practices

Our Insolvency Practitioners Explain Antony Batty and Company’s Strong Showing in the Insolytics Insolvency Practice League Table

We are delighted to place 21st in the country in the Insolytics League Table of Insolvency Practitioners for 2017. This is not just for London or England it’s for all of England, Scotland and Wales. Given that there are hundreds of insolvency practitioners across the country, 21st is a pretty good achievement. This article looks in a bit more detail about the league table, in which over 100 Firms of Insolvency Practitioners in Great Britain handled more than 50 cases in 2017, and focuses on how we work.

The Insolytics Insolvency Practitioners League Table

Insolytics is an independent company. Their league table is compiled simply on the number of Administration, Members Voluntary Liquidation and Company Voluntary Liquidation appointments advertised in statutory sources for the specified time-period. Just like the world of accountancy, there are a small number of big players that make up the top 10 or so, with our team of insolvency practitioners and managers at our offices in London, Essex, Salisbury and The Cotswolds sitting comfortably towards the top end of the middle ground, handling 168 cases in 2017.

It’s all about results

Whilst it is nice to be riding high in the league table, the thing that really matters, of course, are the results that we deliver, which the Insolytics table doesn’t measure. It is implicit in the data that the more appointments a company gets, the more likely it is that they are doing a good job. More important, however, is what our clients say about us through the testimonials that they give us. Click on the below to read some of our testimonials.

How we work – Big Four Quality at Sensible Prices

Since we were established in 1997, we have worked on over 2,000 corporate and personal insolvency cases. Our team has grown to include 4 licensed insolvency practitioners, supported by 15 insolvency managers and supervisors, across 4 offices: London, Brentwood, Salisbury and The Cotswolds. All are experienced, and many have come from the bigger players in the market place, which is why we say we offer big four quality but at sensible prices.

We also place great emphasis on company turnaround, by helping companies who are heading towards insolvency to restructure and avoid a formal insolvency premium.

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