Testimonial by Sole Director for Members Voluntary Liquidation

Members Voluntary Liquidation Testimonial for our London Team from Rickards Schoolwear

On 9th August 2018, our London Team, led by Licensed Insolvency Practitioner Hugh Jesseman and Senior Administrator Sunney Sagoo, completed the Members Voluntary Liquidation of Bournemouth based company Rickards Schoolwear Limited. This is just one of the several hundred MVLs we have successfully handled since we started in 1997, and we are delighted to have received the following testimonial from the client:

“Firstly, I am very grateful to my accountant for recommending Antony Batty & Co

regarding the liquidation of my company which had been ‘mothballed’ for six years!

However, I am particularly pleased to have this opportunity of thanking Sunney and

Antony Batty & Co for the fast and efficient liquidation of my company which has

been a big relief.”

What was the Reason for this Members Voluntary Liquidation?

There are many reasons why directors/shareholders decide on a solvent, or members voluntary liquidation. Take a look at our easy to follow MVL guide to see some of the main reasons and also the process that MVL’s must follow.

In this case, Rickards Schoolwear had been trading from 2003, but since 2012 had been mothballed as a trading entity and, to all intents and purposes, had reached the end of its useful life. Earlier this year, the sole director decided to retire and knowing there was a substantial amount of cash in the bank asked her accountant what she could do to realise this cash and wind the business up.

The accountant recommended Antony Batty & Co for this members voluntary liquidation, and we were appointed as liquidators on 17th April 2018.

All of the Company’s assets have now been realised or dealt with appropriately, and all outstanding corporation tax returns have been filed and fully paid.

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