Testimonial for an Insolvency Practitioner by an Insolvency Lawyer

Testimonial for our Work from an Insolvency Lawyer

As with all businesses, the testimonials we receive for our work as an Insolvency Practitioner mean a lot to us, because they recognise the quality of our work. The testimonials come either from clients, whom we have helped through an insolvency problem, or as in this case, from another insolvency professional – Iain MacDonald, an Insolvency Lawyer – whom we often work closely with.

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An Outstanding Insolvency Practitioner Firm

“I have worked with Antony Batty & Co, the London based Insolvency Practitioner and business turnaround specialist, for nearly 15 years and I continue to remain surprised by how outstanding they are as a practice. No one will be surprised to read this amongst the no doubt numerous other testimonials on this website, so allow me to elaborate and justify my unashamedly effusive praise.

I am an Insolvency Lawyer whose practice is generally focused upon the interests of investors and directors in the SME market place. When these people present themselves as clients seeking advice, then on occasion it will be necessary to seek advice from, and sometimes the appointment of, a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner.”

Antony Batty and Company’s Focus is on Solutions for Directors and Shareholders

“Many will be surprised to learn that there are a number of different types of such professional. By that I mean their focus tends to be upon certain interested parties who the uninitiated will be surprised to learn are rarely numbered amongst the directors and shareholders of the businesses concerned.

This is not the case at Antony Batty & Co who manage to both take their lawful responsibilities very seriously and to deliver within the context of a friendly and pro-active environment a solution to directors and shareholders which is frequently unobtainable from all too many other professionals within their field of expertise.”

They Always Create Commercially Drive Solutions

“The normal person/business, who as one would expect would be unused to swimming in these shark infested waters, will often alight upon a professional advisor following a recommendation, which all too frequently does not reflect the needs of the client. That is perhaps the single most important consideration when selecting the correct Insolvency Practitioner to undertake the required work.

Antony Batty & Co. have never failed to impress me and have always managed to create commercially driven solutions to seemingly intractable problems. There are myriad opportunities which the average director and shareholder will be largely unaware even exist, and much less will know that these are available to them as a means of rescuing their otherwise seemingly terminal position.”

Many Businesses Have Been Rescued Thanks to Their Work

“The partners at Antony Batty & Co and myself have between us managed to rescue a significant number of businesses who continue to trade and grow to this day. It has not often been the case that we have failed.

Finally, I can only add that if you are looking for a less traumatic solution without the need for the attendant melodrama, but executed in a supremely professional manner with your needs paced firmly at the centre of the project, then I can heartily recommend Antony Batty & Co.”

(Iain MacDonald LLM, Solicitor)

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