Testimonial for a Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation

Clive Fortis and the Antony Batty Team go ‘Above and Beyond’ to Support Client

We are delighted to receive this testimonial for the work of Clive Fortis and his team in our Salisbury Office in supporting a client through a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation.

“From the beginning of my journey with Clive and his team, I was treated with honesty, openness and compassion. I had the whole process explained and was included in every step, rather than judged or bamboozled with technical jargon.

The whole team at Antony Batty, go above and beyond and work with you in a supportive manner, like I have never experienced before. I will always be grateful for the support I have received. Thank you, Clive and team.”

The Reason for this Creditors Voluntary Liquidation was Internal Fraud

Our client was a well-established business in the recruitment sector. The problems they faced came out of the blue as a result of a fraud within the business – something that we have seen growing numbers of in recent months.

We work with businesses, charities and individuals to help find practical, common sense solutions to financial difficulties. Where possible we will recommend and implement restructuring plans to help turn failing businesses around.

However, when, as in this case, there is no alternative to liquidation, our traditional standards of integrity, professionalism and care really come to the fore at what can be a very difficult and stressful time, especially given the unexpected nature of the fraud experienced by our client.

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