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ABc Insolvency Practitioner Receives Testimonial for Solvent Liquidation

We’re grateful to Steve Bird from Viewpoint Accountants for this testimonial: “I referred a solvent liquidation to the Insolvency Practitioners at Antony Batty and Company recently and I was very impressed by the speedy, friendly and expert work provided. 

Following this immensely positive experience I have referred other clients to Tom and when insolvency related queries arise I will drop Tom a line or pick up the phone to seek his view without hesitation.”

(Steve Bird, Director, Viewpoint Accountants)

Background to This Solvent Liquidation Testimonial

Steve Bird’s firm had a client whose directors had a significant cash balance to distribute as part of a solvent liquidation, and he contacted us for help and advice.

There was a complication as detailed tax advice was required and ABc were delighted to refer Viewpoint’s client to a tax specialist we work closely with, Gabelle Tax Consultants. Once suitable advice had been received the directors proceeded with their solvent liquidation, and an initial cash distribution was made within days of our appointment.

Following the initial referral from Steve, our firms have worked together numerous times, with additional work being referred between each firm.

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As Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, we work closely with accountants, solicitors and other professional firms on all types of insolvency work. At ABc most of our work comes through referrals and these relationships are key to our business. Importantly, we refer work back to those who refer it to us, as part of on-going business relationships.

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