On Time and On Budget – Members Voluntary Liquidation Testimonial

Members Voluntary Liquidation of a property company by our London Office

As Insolvency Practitioners, we handle many Members Voluntary Liquidations, or solvent liquidations, every year, and we are always delighted when the client gives us a positive testimonial for our work. In this case the testimonial was for our London office, with the team being headed up by Insolvency Practitioner Stephen Evans as the liquidator, supported by insolvency administrator, Sharan Acharya.  As our client said at the end of the process:

“Everything was completed on time and to budget. I would highly recommend them. My thanks to Stephen Evans and Sharan Acharya.”

What was the Reason for this Members’ Voluntary Liquidation?

There are many reasons why directors/shareholders decide on a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation. In this case, the company, based in central London, was a property company that had come to the end of its useful life and it was decided to instigate a solvent liquidation.

The Declaration of Solvency showed that the value of the Company’s assets was mainly made up of Shareholders’ funds. There were no secured creditors, preferential creditors or Crown creditors, and just two non-preferential unsecured creditors.

The liquidation ran very smoothly and was completed in April 2021.

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Our Members’ Voluntary Liquidation Specialists work with clients across the country, not just in London, delivering what we call ‘Big 4’ levels of service at competitive prices. It’s testimonials like these that demonstrate the quality of our work. Click here to see some of our other testimonials for MVLs.

If you are considering a solvent Members Voluntary Liquidation for your company, contact us or call us at our London Office on 0208 088 0633 for a FREE initial discussion.

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