Going the Extra Mile. Testimonial from a Relieved Employee

“Due to the professionalism and care of the team at Antony Batty…. I have been treated with the utmost respect during what was a difficult time regarding my notice pay and redundancy from my previous employment.”

When a company enters insolvency and goes into Liquidation, eligible former employees can claim for redundancy and other money they are owed by their former employer, including notice pay. In this testimonial, we look at a case where a company, Enviro-Waste, went into compulsory liquidation and the Official Receiver as Liquidator, did not deal with the employees’ claims. This was something our team picked upon once we were appointed Liquidators. This testimonial explains how we went the extra mile to ensure one ex-employee received his redundancy entitlement.

The Background to this Liquidation Case

Enviro-Waste went into Compulsory Liquidation on 30 January 2019, with the Official Receiver appointed as Liquidator. Two of Antony Batty and Company’s Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, Antony Batty and Hugh Jesseman, were appointed Joint Liquidators, with another of our IPs, Steve Illes, leading as case manager.

It was quickly clear that the Official Receiver had not dealt with the employees’ redundancy claims. Upon our appointment, The Insolvency Service’s Redundancy Payment Office (RPO) stated that the claims could not be processed as they were outside the time limit.

Team member and Insolvency Administrator, Sunney Sagoo, argued on behalf of the employees that the delays were no fault of theirs and that due to the Covid-19 pandemic and delays from the Official Receivers they should process their employee claims, and was rewarded with this testimonial from one employee:

“Due to the professionalism and care of Sunney Sagoo, and the team at Antony Batty, I feel I must write this testimonial as in my opinion I have been treated with the utmost respect during what was a difficult time regarding my notice pay and redundancy from my previous employment. When I was made redundant, I was treated badly with no real information on what to do or how to proceed.

I was able to finally sort out and receive payment of what was owed to me. Sunney took me through the process of application and after firstly receiving rejection he argued the case on my behalf which resulted in acceptance of both my notice pay and redundancy. Communication with Sunney was not complicated and not all companies give out their personal mobile numbers which Sunney provided me with. He also was happy for me to contact him out of hours if necessary.”

We Always Try to go the Extra Mile

As liquidators, we have a statutory obligation to deal with the liquidated company’s employees. However, we also know what a stressful and worrying time liquidation can be for those made redundant, and the fact that an individual ex-employee was prepared to recognise the time and effort that we put in to get the result he needed is very gratifying.

Redundancy Payments are Available to all Eligible Employees at Liquidation

In the case of company liquidation, whether voluntary or compulsory, all employees are made redundant, and those eligible for statutory redundancy pay can claim their entitlement through the Redundancy Payments Service. As this testimonial shows, things can get complicated, and that was where we were able to help.

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