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Case Studies for Charities and Insolvency

Here at Antony Batty & Company, we are experienced in acting for clients in the charity and not for profit sector that have entered into insolvency. When it comes to charities and insolvency, our efforts are focused on working towards the best possible outcome, as this quote and the following case studies show:

“Antony Batty & Company LLP handled the winding up of our charity in a sympathetic and professional way, it was clear that they were familiar with the insolvency of charities.”

Gail Greengross
Trustee – The Special Yoga Centre.

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LFA was established to provide high quality advice and casework in social welfare law to poor and vulnerable people. The charity’s main source of income was the Legal Services Commission (now Legal Aid Agency).  The charity struggled as a result of the Government’s austerity measures and we were appointed administrators in July 2011.

The complexity of the case and lack of interested parties meant that we were unable to achieve a sale or merger. However, we managed to assign the ongoing cases to local solicitors enabling the client’s matters to be dealt with and a proportion of the fees due to LFA being recovered.

Formed in 2004 The Special Yoga Centre (SYC) offered one to one therapies for children with special needs. We were appointed liquidators in September 2013 and were able to sell parts of the business, enabling the Centre to continue to provide a service albeit in a reduced format.

Power International’s original purpose was to assist survivors of landmine accidents. This expanded to rehabilitation for a broader range of people with disabilities and creating and strengthening disabled people’s organisations. In more recent years, Power has focused on reinforcing the rights of people with disabilities in low-income countries, through education and employment opportunities.

The company went into liquidation on May 2014 as a result of cash flow problems and difficulties in obtaining funding. We compelted the winding up process.

The Environment Council was established in 1969 and in the intervening period provided advice and training to the business and general community on environmental issues. A fall off in demand for services provided by the Charity led to significant downsizing and in August 2013 we were asked to assist the trustees in placing the company into liquidation., formerly known as Africa Bookcase, was a Charity set up with the aim of facilitating cross-cultural exchange between school students around the world, and to raise awareness of global issues. More recently the charity developed one of the first online platforms designed to help schools around the world work collaboratively on educational projects. Primarily as a result of the recession, funding declined and we were appointed liquidators in May 2012 and the winding up was completed in August 2013.

BeatBullying was formed as a company limited by guarantee in 1999 (it changed its name to The BeatBullying Group (“BBG”) in 2012. The objectives of the group were to provide anti-bullying education and support to children, young people and their families.

The Charity trained young people in schools to become mentors to other young children being bullied.
BBG was named Charity of the year in 2005 and 2006 and, in the first five years of operation, over 150,000 young people were supported through the actions of the company.

Being almost totally reliant on funding, BBG was severely affected by the recession and despite actions taken to cut the costs and attempts to sell the business as a going concern the trustees were forced to place the company into liquidation in November 2014. We are now attempting to sell the intellectual property rights.

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It is not always the case, sadly, that an insolvent business can be saved and turned around, or even parts of it saved. This is as true for the charity sector as it is for any other business sector. If liquidation is the only option, then we will handle it sensitively and with dignity.

If you are running a charity and insolvency is looming, please contact us or call us on 0208 088 0633 as soon as you can. When it comes to charities and insolvency, the quicker we are involves, the more likely it is we can help turn things around.

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