A Testimonial for a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation: “100% perfect – would recommend Steve and the team to anybody.”

The effects of Covid-19 on Doug Sherry (Heathrow) Limited led to its liquidation. We were able to ensure the process was as ordered and painless as possible

We always undertake customer care calls to ensure the client is pleased with our work and that we have maintained the highest possible standards, in what is often a stressful situation. In this testimonial, we report on the positive feedback that Ewa Lawrence, the owner/director of Doug Sherry (Heathrow) Limited gave our Brentwood Team, led by Steve Marshall, for guiding her and her company through a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) that was caused by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Background to this CVL

Our first aim is always to see if we can rescue a financially struggling company, using a restructuring procedure such as Administration or a Company Voluntary Arrangement. However, in some cases, the circumstances are such that these procedures are not viable and a CVL is inevitable.

Doug Sherry (Heathrow) Limited was founded in 1997, and operated as a café concession at Heathrow Airport, providing refreshments for Black Can Taxi Drivers based at Heathrow’s Taxi Feeder Park. Ewa Lawrence became the owner in 2008.

Ultimately, the Liquidation was inevitable due to:

A challenging time, but the client was very pleased with our work

During a customer care call after the Liquidation was complete, Ewa Lawrence said:

“The service from the Antony Batty Brentwood office was 100% perfect, and I would recommend Steve Marshall and the team to any business that finds itself in the position that we did.

There was an awful lot to take in and understand, and they went above and beyond in helping me, especially around technology, which I find challenging. They sorted everything for me, including dealing with the incoming operator to facilitate an orderly transfer of staff to them under TUPE to safeguard their jobs and dealing with the complex contractual issues with the airport to preserve a value in the Company’s physical assets.

I can now look to the future and concentrate on moving ahead with my life. I would not change anything they did. They could not have done anything better.”

Steve Marshall, head of our Brentwood office said:

“After 25 years of successful trading, it was a sad and stressful time for Ewa and her staff. We are grateful for her kind comments and glad that we were able ensure that the staff retained their jobs and guide Ewa through what must have been a very difficult time.”

A CVL is a solution to Creditor Pressure

If the company cannot be saved by using a restructuring/turnaround insolvency process, such as a Company Voluntary Arrangement or a Company Administration, then it is highly likely that a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) will be needed. A CVL can only be carried out by an Insolvency Practitioner, and we will only recommend a CVL if there are no other options.

Some of the key benefits of a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation, in general, are:

Many thousands of companies are facing significant financial difficulties right now, as a result of the pandemic, the energy crisis, Brexit disruption and supply chain problems. If insolvency is looming, the sooner the directors have a FREE no obligation consultation from one of our Insolvency Practitioners, the more we can do to help.

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