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We asked Steve Illes, Partner at the Insolvency Practitioners Antony Batty and Company (based at their London office) to tell us a bit more about himself. Aside from being an experienced insolvency professional, what sort of person do you get when you instruct Steve? What makes him tick? Other than Brighton and Hove Albion, of course.

“I imagine like most people you don’t set out to work in insolvency, but after working for NatWest and dealing with insolvency, an opportunity to work for Baker Tilly arose and I jumped at the chance to work in Crawley and London.”

“Embarrassing/funny: I was once invited to a cricket event by a lawyer. I was sitting next to one of the players who accidentally tipped a glass of red wine all over my beige trousers, it looked like I had wet myself for the whole day!”

“Passing JIEB – the Joint Insolvency Examination Board – it is an incredibly tough set of exams.

“It isn’t just about having the technical knowledge. If you want to progress and make a career in insolvency, and perhaps work for a firm of Insolvency Practitioners, you need to make sure you have the soft skills and contacts to work with in the future. It’s actually all about people.”

“There are so many amazing places to go and see, but as a kid I always thought it would be amazing to get to go into Space, so I’ll go with that.”

“Family aside, I’ve worked with an interesting group of people over the years, but in terms of changing my career it would be Louise Brittain, who gave me my first break.”

“People not buying their round!”

“I’m a big fan of Tom Clancy, so I’d go with Red Storm Rising, a classic book which would make a great movie. “

“The Matrix, a great movie.  I remember it coming out at the cinema and the Nokia phone scene, I just had to get one.”

“I don’t really have one. I’m a child of the 70’s/80’s and I always remember listening to the charts then, so perhaps something by Duran Duran if I was pushed!”

“Plenty of good inventions, but to go with my Space theme I’d go with flight/Space flight.”

“That I’m not an Astronaut, although that was never on the cards!”

Julius Caesar, he did some interesting stuff.

My partner and I have a brood of young children, which means any kind of travel is a nightmare right now. So, with my swarm of child helpers, I’d like to jump into my teleporter and visit family and friends in the US and Australia, among other places.

So, now you know a bit more about Steve…..

As you can see, there’s much more to the Insolvency Professional that Steve is in his working life. He didn’t mention Brighton and Hove Albion, but he does support them!!

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