Are we heading for a recession? What must businesses do to prepare?

Insolvency Practitioners are here to help Businesses make the decisions needed to avoid Insolvency

The pressure on businesses has been rising for several months now, with supply chain issues, rapidly rising inflation and, especially, the shock of soaring energy prices caused by the war in Ukraine. The latest Bank of England forecast on 4th August for a full-blown recession, along with inflation peaking at 13.3% in 2023 came with a significant rise in interest rates to 1.75%. This will put significant pressure on very many businesses, especially SMEs, who are already struggling to recover post Pandemic. In this article our Insolvency Practitioners look at the signs businesses need to be aware of as underperformance becomes financial distress or crisis and how we can help them take key steps to help maximise the chances of avoiding insolvency and prepare for the difficult times ahead.

There are 5.5 million small businesses in the UK

It is often the big companies and corporations that take the headlines when it comes to declining sales and profits and job losses during recessionary times. However, as the  Federation of Small Businesses reports – there are 5.5 small businesses in the UK (with 1-49 employees), and they account for nearly 50% (12.9 million) of total employment and 36% (£1.6 trillion) of private sector turnover. These are big numbers and these companies are the backbone of the UK economy, but they are very often the most vulnerable to the pressures now being seen in the UK economy.

What are the signs to look out for?

We group the warning signs into 3 categories:

Business owners need to keep a close eye on the key metrics they have identified. Such issues can be managed for a short time. However, if, for example, inflation forces up costs, swift and decisive action might be needed to maintain margins longer term. Likewise, businesses with lots of debt need to watch interest rates closely. It only takes a relatively small and sustained rise in interest rates for debts to become much harder to service.

In our experience, when underperformance is spotted, tough questions need to be asked and early action taken. Often, the solution is not simple and getting support and advice is better than waiting and hoping for things to get better, as things like liquidity or cash flow problems rarely fix themselves. Insolvency Practitioners are specialists in getting to the root cause of business underperformance and recommending the changes that are needed to improve things.

Our First Aim is Always to Help Save Businesses and turn them around

R3, the Association of Business Recovery Professionals, is our industry body. In its latest survey from 2019: The value of the profession: how insolvency and restructuring supports the UK economy – it found that the Insolvency and Restructuring profession:

Indeed, c.40% of the profession’s procedures were either Administrations or Company Voluntary Arrangements – in other words turnaround rather than liquidation.

At a time when we are noticing a significant upturn in enquiries from businesses who are really feeling the heat, it remains the case that the earlier we are called in, the more we can do to help distressed businesses. This includes those with cash flow difficulties, creditor pressure, large tax bills, uncertain turnover and even the problem of difficulties paying back Bounce Back Loans.

We have over 25 years’ experience helping and advising business owners with financial difficulties, and in that time have dealt with over 2,500 companies and individuals. Click here to see some of our testimonials.

Our aim is to help save businesses and the livelihoods of their directors and employees. If a formal insolvency solution is needed, we are Licenced and Regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants to give insolvency advice.

We know that many thousands of businesses are already suffering financial difficulties right now. We are here to help rescue as many as we can.

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