Adrian Edmonds, Business Development

T: 01173 250567


Adrian joined us in June 2020. Based in Bristol he has increased our geographical coverage through his large and broad network throughout Bristol, the South West of England and South Wales.

Adrian started his career with Carphone Warehouse, joining the retail and mobile industry when it was in its hay-day. He climbed the corporate ladder and ultimately found himself as a Regional Chief in the European division, running the largest geographical area in Sweden.

Upon returning to the UK he joined Barclays Bank as a Business Manager in North London and Hertfordshire, supporting his SME customers through the early days of the 2008 financial crisis with general business support and sales and customer service acumen. With the experience he gained, he was inspired to leave the corporate banking world in 2012 and consult directly with SME business owners, helping them to professionalise their business operations.

In 2018 he joined the insolvency industry, where his passion for helping and advising business owners could come to fruition. Adrian has a passion for turnaround and for supporting businesses to help them to avoid insolvency if at all possible.

The team at Antony Batty & Company shares his desire to help businesses who are facing financial difficulty by helping them to turn their fortunes around, underpinned by strong business values and professional integrity.

Away from work, Adrian’s other passions are his family and community. He is a busy Father to his young daughters, is a Parish Councillor and enjoys pretending to be able to play golf.


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