Insolvency Practitioners Report a Busy 2 months

31 New Instructions for our Insolvency Practitioners during September and October 2019

London, Brentwood and Salisbury based Insolvency Practitioners, Antony Batty and Company, was appointed to 31 new cases during September and October 2019. This compares to 21 from the same period in 2018, according to the Insolytics Insolvency League Tables. In this article we summarise the instructions. We are here for when it isn’t business as usual – helping businesses to recover and turn things around where possible.

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Our Instructions Cover a Wide Range of Insolvency Types

All the cases give a flavour of the pressures the businesses were under at the time of insolvency, and they cover a range of businesses across different sectors.

The appointments included:

Insolvency and the Travel Industry

We have been dealing with travel insolvencies for over 20 years, and our administration of Fairlight Jones is our most recent appointment in this area.  Other travel sector administrations include: Selsdon Travel Limited, Pinnacle Travel Limited, Hotel Connect, Global Enduro Limited and Sun4U Limited. Click here to see two case studies of our work in travel insolvencies.

Insolvency and the travel industry is a very specialised part of insolvency and requires an Insolvency Practitioner with knowledge of, and expertise in, the sector. In particular, dealing with insolvent travel companies requires an understanding of how the travel industry operates and how consumers are protected.

We have good relationships with the regulators including the CAA, ABTA and IATA as well as the merchant acquirers, such as Barclaycard and Streamline. This enables us to act rapidly in situations where customers are stranded abroad and need repatriating, or find their holiday is cancelled before departure and need to re-book and lodge a claim with the Air Travel Trust Fund.

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