Insolvency Practitioner Lawrence King’s Work with Law Firms

Our detailed investigatory work enables realisations to be made and dividends to be issued to creditors where the initial view was that insufficient assets were available.

Lawrence King, insolvency practitioner and partner at K & W Recovery (trading as Antony Batty & Company Thames Valley) has a particular focus on investigatory and litigation-based insolvency and works very productively with both national and regional Law Firms. His work includes bankruptcy cases, compulsory liquidations and contested voluntary liquidation appointments acting on behalf of creditors.

Lawrence has a track record of successfully obtaining appointments, making realisations and issuing dividends to creditors where on first appearance the Company in question did not have any assets.  Recent examples include recovery of illegal dividends, overdrawn directors loan accounts, antecedent claims, claims for wrongful trading and recovery of dissipated assets.

In this article, we look at a case study of a liquidation which illustrate these specific skills.

Case Study : Dividend issued to creditors when Statement of Affairs suggested otherwise

The key events were as follows:

– Why there was a disparity between the Statement of Affairs and the last filed accounts

– The method of the director’s remuneration

– The nature of associated party transactions

– Interviewing the company’s directors

– Interviewing specific creditors and the company’s accountant

– An in-depth review and interrogation of the company’s accounting software

– A detailed review of the company’s bank statements and books & records

The outcome of this work resulted in a dividend to creditors when the Statement of Affairs suggested there was no prospect of a dividend.

Contact Lawrence for Help and Advice in this area

Lawrence, or any of the team at K & W Recovery (trading as Antony Batty & Company Thames Valley) can be contacted using the below details:

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Lawrence is willing to act without funding on these cases.