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On this page, you will find a selection of useful infographics to help you to understand various insolvency processes:

Directors’ Duties: Do’s and Don’ts

Posted 5th December 2023 by Craig in Infographic Categories Directors Duties

Directors Duties

When facing insolvency, our London team of Insolvency Practitioners can advise on the best course of action & help avoid director disqualification investigations.

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The CVA Process

Posted 23rd March 2021 by RobC in Infographic Categories Company Voluntary Arrangements

Company Voluntary Arrangements – The Process Company Voluntary Arrangements (“CVAs”) are a very effective rescue tool for financially troubled companies that can help them turn their fortunes around and avoid liquidation. They are often viewed as a potential rescue package. On this page we feature an Infographic which summarises the key elements of the CVA […]

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Members Voluntary Liquidation Procedure

Posted 15th November 2020 by Craig in Infographic Categories Liquidations

Members Voluntary Liquidation Procedure Our team has put together the infographic below, which details the 4 key elements of a Members Voluntary Liquidation – also known as a solvent liquidation. They are: 1. Key initial matters for consideration; 2. The process of placing the company in liquidation; 3. What happens once the company is in […]

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4 Sins To Avoid

Posted 15th November 2020 by Craig in Infographic Categories Directors Duties

The Duties of Directors: 4 Sins Directors of Insolvent Companies Must Avoid A company is legally insolvent if does not have assets to cover its liabilities or it is unable to pay its debts as they fall due. Directors of an Insolvent Company, or one which may become insolvent, must avoid the  “four sins” as […]

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