Charlie Mercer – Insolvency Administrator at Antony Batty and Company

Find Out More About Charlie Mercer

We asked Charlie Mercer, a junior insolvency administrator who joined Antony Batty and Company in July 2019, to tell us a bit more about herself. Charlie is at the beginning of her career in insolvency, but what sort of person do you get when you work with Charlie? What makes her tick? Read on to find out – but beware, her pet hate is drivers not indicating when turning! Unlike most people at Antony Batty when it comes to football, she claims she isn’t that much into it. But her Dad’s a big Tottenham fan, which means deep down she must be too!! Just like her colleague here, Tom O’Keeffe.

“Before joining Antony Batty & Company, I didn’t know a lot about Insolvency. I always had an interest in Business Administration, so when the opportunity arose to work here, I took straight to it! I have learned so much already and I am looking forward to learning much more.”

 “As this is my first job in Insolvency, I am lucky enough to say that I haven’t had an embarrassing moment!”

 “I am looking forward to many proud moments as I continue to progress in my Insolvency career.”

“I have always had a love for all things art, particularly make-up artistry.  I prefer keeping this as a hobby, but I love how creative I can really get with it!”

“I am sure a lot of people would say this, but it would have to be my family. I honestly wouldn’t know what to do without them all!”

 “When people don’t indicate when they are driving!”

“I have two – The Notebook and The Fault in our Stars. John Green and Nicholas Sparks really know how to turn on the waterworks!”

“Moulin Rouge – it tells one of the greatest love stories you’ll ever hear!”

“I listen to a lot of music, but my favourite song is Sit Next to Me by Foster the People. It’s so catchy!”

“Lip balm! I seriously cannot live without the stuff!”

“My biggest regret was not continuing with my acting and singing career. I was always happiest when I was performing.”

“Abraham Lincoln – I’d love to get to know him!”

“I would travel to North America. I would love to travel state to state there!”

So, now you know a bit more about Charlie…..

As you can see, there’s much more to Charlie than her growing career in Insolvency. Currently, she works in Steve Illes’ team – Steve is one of the partners at Antony Batty & Company and is a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner. If you do need advice and help from Steve and Charlie – or any of our other Insolvency Specialists here at Antony Batty – in any area of insolvency, simply contact us or call us on 0208 088 0633 . The first discussion, over the ‘phone or a coffee, is free.