Building Business Resilience in a challenging and inflationary world

The British Business Bank’s guide to “Building a foundation for growth to help your business thrive.”

In a recent article we looked at the most up to date Insolvency Service data for insolvencies (Q2 2023), which showed that insolvencies in England and Wales were at their highest levels since 2009. The reasons for this are well known: the debt hangover from Covid-19, rapid inflation, high interest rates and supply chain problems being the main culprits. As a firm of Insolvency Practitioner’s, it’s our job to wind-up companies as painlessly as possible when there is no other alternative. If a company can be saved, that is always our first priority, using insolvency procedures such as Administrations and Company Voluntary Arrangements and also through turnaround advice for companies that are feeling the heat but aren’t yet insolvent.

But what steps should businesses take in the current challenging era of high inflation and static or negative growth? We have come across the British Business Bank’s Guide to Building Business Resilience, which we think should be really useful for businesses, especially small business owners, in preparing to keep afloat in today’s very challenging economy.


As the British Business Bank says,

“Our Guide to building business resilience contains impartial, practical, and actionable information and support to help smaller businesses manage their costs, boost their long-term profitability, and increase their resilience.”

In summary, the key topics the guide covers are:

How can Insolvency Practitioners help?

All of the above can help play an important role in building a business’s resilience in the face of the current very challenging economic climate. However, if you think your company is showing signs of financial distress and, despite all your efforts to improve resilience, is heading for insolvency, then the earlier you contact us the better. The early warning signs of business failure are:

Our turnaround business services include:

If, after exhausting all options, the business is no longer viable, we can help you close your business in an orderly and legal manner and help you minimize your losses.

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