Let’s get the world moving again! Our Managing Partner takes to the air.

Antony Batty gives his Observations and Reflections from 35,000 feet on a post lockdown flight!

“I guess none of us know many people who have been on a plane since 15th March 2020. So, I thought I would share my experience.

 We flew BA to Portugal on Tuesday, 21st July.

Heathrow T5, like the roads getting there, was very quiet. Everyone in the terminal wore a face mask and there were lots of hand sanitising stations, as expected. Social distancing is easy in a near empty terminal, but everyone was very sensible, the staff were lovely and very helpful. They clearly understood that everyone was feeling pretty nervous.

Stage one, checking in, was easy – however be aware that whilst you can buy a Rolex watch or a Harrods bear, food and drink outlets are still mainly closed! So, take your own.

At the departure gate, you are required to remove your face mask for ID purposes. It felt reassuring that no-one was trying to impersonate me.

A lady in front of me had a face mask, full face visor and gloves on- no comment from me. It’s what makes you feel safe. I did think that the Louis Vuitton face mask that another lady in the queue was wearing was a stylish touch.

The plane was loaded from the back so that no one can walks past you in your seat.

On boarding the plane, you are welcomed by masked stewards who hand you a personal sanitation pack, comprising of antibacterial wipe and a sachet of hand gel. Maybe these will feature in Christmas crackers this year? 

Everyone on Board is required to wear a face mask and to stay in their seat as much as possible. The loos were open but you are not allowed to queue – wait for the green vacant light and make a dash. Even better, try and go before you board.

The service on board was pretty much as normal. However, if anyone can tell me how to eat a sandwich and drink a glass of wine whilst wearing a mask, then an ABc complementary Parker pen will find its way to you. 

So far so good. Hop on board and let’s get the world moving again.” 

Antony Batty (At 35,000 feet)