K & W Recovery Trading as Antony Batty & Company, Thames Valley. Employee Focus: Bethan Bryant

Bethan joined us in June 2021 and is a Manager at our Abingdon Office.

This month we are shining the spotlight on one of our Insolvency Managers, Bethan Bryant, who is based at our Abingdon office, along with our Licensed Insolvency Practitioners and team of Insolvency specialists. We asked Bethan to answer some questions, including what got her into the Insolvency profession, what she especially enjoys about Insolvency, and of course, we also asked Bethan what she enjoys in her spare time away from Insolvency.

  1. What got you into the Insolvency? What do you enjoy about Insolvency?

“I must admit that the word “insolvency” was not in my vocabulary until just before my interview for a trainee insolvency role. I recall I frantically tried to memorise most of the Wikipedia page to prepare for the interview and luckily it paid off as I got the role!

I’ve remained in the industry ever since and I enjoy it because no day is the same; over the past 7.5 years I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with a variety of people from different walks of life and assisting companies within several different industries.”

  1. Past career, firm, experience, interesting cases you dealt with

“I started my career at Quantuma LLP, where I worked for just over three years. I moved to Critchleys LLP in 2018 working with Lawrence King and many of the team who now make up the Antony Batty & Co. Thames Valley office. I have experience in all types of insolvency across a wide variety of industries.

I am currently studying for JIEB which I will sit later this year to hopefully become a qualified Insolvency Practitioner.

The firm does a lot of insolvency work where on first impression there appears to be little or no assets. However, our detailed investigations into the Company’s affairs and conduct of the Directors can identify antecedent transactions and claims against various parties. One case in particular springs to mind where we successfully reached a six-figure settlement in relation to multiple claims against a misfeasant Director including preference payments, overdrawn salary and illegal dividends. This resulted in a sizable return to creditors.”

  1. Interesting facts about yourself, Hobbies, interests

“I enjoy travelling abroad as often as I can, my most memorable trip being to Japan and I am hoping to add a couple more destinations to my list soon. As with many others, this new year I have started a health kick and joined the gym, I don’t know quite how long this will last but so far so good and I’m enjoying it (I must admit I enjoy the sauna much more than the workout classes!).”

How to Contact Bethan

Talk to Bethan, or any of her colleagues for Insolvency, Restructuring and Business Turnaround Advice at either of our offices. Our appointment taking Licensed Insolvency Practitioners are Matt Waghorn and Lawrence King.

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