Antony Batty & Company Partner Focus: Steve Illes, Insolvency Practitioner

Licensed Insolvency Practitioner Steve joined us in June 2018

This month we are shining the spotlight on one of our Partners, Licensed Insolvency Practitioner Steve Illes. We asked Steve, who heads up our Croydon office, to answer some questions, including: what got him into the Insolvency profession, some memorable cases he has worked on, and of course, we also asked him what football team he supports – read on to find out!

What do you enjoy about insolvency? What got you into the profession?

“A lucky break got me into the profession. I worked for NatWest dealing with insolvency and debt and met an Insolvency Practitioner who was recruiting. 21 years later the rest is history, as they say.

I spend a lot of time talking to people about their business’s financial difficulties at no cost initially, and I enjoy providing them with that help. I also enjoy the positive results that are achieved, whether it is paying creditors a dividend or a successful outcome in litigation, which inevitably is for the benefit of creditors.

The role of an insolvency practitioner is often challenging, but the variety of work makes for there never being a dull day. You get to talk to a wide range of people, from single site business owners to bankrupts and heads of significant corporations, including non-UK managed businesses.”

Tell us a bit about your career, especially any particularly interesting cases you have dealt with

“I have dealt with a range of cases I initially worked for Baker Tilly for 7 years and predominantly dealt with contentious insolvency cases. I was also part of a team who dealt with some high-profile bankruptcy matters, including the likes of Neil Hamilton and Michael Barrymore. I was also involved in some proceeds of crime act and drug trafficking act receiverships, which involved attending unannounced with the police to seize property etc. 

I spent 10 years working at BDO where I headed up the national client services team. My team acted for the likes of debt purchasers, banks, local authorities and utilities companies and assisted them in dealing with their insolvency matters.  I also managed a small portfolio of formal insolvency appointments.    

More recently I have been dealing with a number of interesting fraud cases and have obtained my first freezing injunction over £2m of property.  As I say, there is never a dull moment.”

What are your Hobbies and Interests? Any interesting facts about you?

“I’m not sure that there are any interesting facts about me. My hobbies include golf, skiing, snowboarding, diving and trying to keep fit. Football? I’m a Brighton & Hove Albion fan. Oh, and I am part Hungarian!”

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