Antony Batty & Company Employee Focus: Jerome Moutrage

Jerome is an Insolvency Administrator and is based at our London office.

This month we are shining the spotlight on one of our newest colleagues, Jerome Moutrage, who is based at our London office, and is an Insolvency Administrator.

We asked Jerome to answer some questions, including what got him into the Insolvency profession, what he particularly enjoys about Insolvency, and of course we also asked him what he enjoys in his spare time away from Insolvency.

  1. What do you enjoy about insolvency? What got you into the profession?

“Having graduated from university with a Degree in Computer Studies, I realised how much I was interested in working in Finance or Accounting as I am good with numbers. I was head hunted for an Insolvency firm where I first got a taste of insolvency. I thought it may be a good skill to learn what happens to Individuals or Companies when they need an exit strategy.

I enjoy the range of cases – no case is the same – and going out on site to visit businesses. You have an opportunity to help the Company or the Directors in difficult times and try to recover what funds you can for the benefit of creditors. An insolvency process just eases the mind for both parties and you are clear where you stand.”

  1. Past career/firm experience and interesting cases you dealt with

“Before joining Antony Batty & Company LLP, I was in insolvency for over 6 years and wanted to take a different path. To be back in insolvency after taking a break for just over a year, I am delighted to have joined this firm.”

  1. Interesting facts about yourself, Hobbies, interests

“I love playing football and still do for my Sunday football team. I also enjoy playing video games and board games such as chess. I am no Grand Master, but I am pretty good. I took up baking during the Covid-19 lockdown period and still make baked goods occasionally.”

How to Contact Jerome or our Licensed Insolvency Practitioners for advice on Insolvency matters

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